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Tomato (Saucing - Amish Paste)
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Tomato (Saucing - Amish Paste)

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An heirloom variety, the Amish Paste hails from Lancaster, PA. It\'s a strong producer, giving fruit until heavy frosts set in. Unsurpassed flavour for saucing, this variety doesn\'t need any sweeteners to get that sweet tomato sauce taste. This variety is excellent for sauce preserving. Just cook down with a little salt and pepper and you have the perfect tomato sauce base. Plants can grow up to 5 ft tall and require trellising for best results. Indeterminate\nSustainably grown. This variety was produced for Matchbox Garden & Seed Co by the talented farm Sweet Gale Gardens located in the Hamilton region. This farm uses only organic practices but does not have certification.

25 seeds per packet

85 days to maturity

reduced price for 2021 seed