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Tomato seedling (Cherry - Coyote) (pre-order)
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Tomato seedling (Cherry - Coyote) (pre-order)

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ORGANIC - Originally form Mexico, where it grows wild, this variety could almost be considered a currant tomato. Tiny yellow clusters of tomatoes cover plants that can grow as tall as 8 ft when trellised properly, allowing it double as a focal point in your garden as well. One plant is more then enough for most home gardeners as you can never seem to pick all the ripe ones in time, there are SO many. The flavour of these fruit is delightful, almost like eating candy and favourite with the kids. Indeterminate

60 days to maturity after transplant

Seedling sold in a Cowpot

Cowpots; the pot you plant. Eliminating plastic waste, one pot at a time.