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Poppy (Planete Rouge du Jura)
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Poppy (Planete Rouge du Jura)

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Planéte Rouge du Jura: Tall, gorgeous poppy in shades
of lavender, magenta and mauve. Each flower center is
ringed by four deep eggplant markings. Blooms contrast
attractively with the waxy gray-green, scalloped foliage.
Planting Tips: Poppy is a hardy annual preferring full
sun and well-drained sandy soils with low fertility.
Use in beds, borders or as a wildflower. Direct seed in
fall for early summer blooms the next year or in early
spring for late summer blooms same year. Transplants
can be started 4–6 weeks before planting date but best
results are from direct seeding.

1/16 oz per packet - sows 10 ft row

75 days to maturity