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Pepper (Sweet - Matan)
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Pepper (Sweet - Matan)

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Matan Organic pepper seeds are bred from the original Jimmy Nardello lineage. Nardello immigrated from southern Italy to New England in 1887, bringing his family’s heirloom pride and joy pepper. Matan peppers are sweet, crisp, juicy, and flavourful, with thin skins that make them ideal for cooking, drying, or eating raw. Best of all, they are extremely early, and the low growing plants are very productive. The peppers are a little bit like our Pepperoncini variety, but with smoother skin and an even more refined, smokey, slightly hot flavour. These peppers dry well, freeze well, and add colour and pop to salads or salsas. But you’ll be eating them in the garden, straight off the plants.

Approx 40 seeds per packet

80 - 90 days to red maturity