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Peas (SS 141 Snap)
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Peas (SS 141 Snap)

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SS 141: SS 141 is a compact plant of 3.5 vines that
forms a heavy set of extra-long, extra tasty pods that
ripen within a short window. This strongly improved
snap pea offers very high yield potential. Suitable for
multiple succession plantings.

Planting Tips: Peas are cool season annuals. Direct
seed as soon as soil can be worked in the spring. Use
of inoculants can increase yield. Optimal soil temperature
for germination is 65-70°F, but will germinate in
soils as low as 40°F. Provide support for tall varieties.
Pick regularly for increased yields.

1 oz  per packet - sows 10 ft row

60 days to maturity