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Okra (Clemson Spineless 80)
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Okra (Clemson Spineless 80)

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Clemson Spineless 80: Best known for its lack of
spines and for its beautiful emerald pods. Pods are
best harvested at 3–4” and can become tough at
larger sizes. Plants have an open habit.

Planting Tips: Okra is a warm season annual that
prefers well-drained, rich soils. Start transplants 4–6
weeks before planting date. Seeds can be soaked
overnight for faster germination. Optimal germination
temperature is 80–90°F. Seedling roots are sensitive;
avoid crowding or disturbing roots. Large plants can
be topped to increase side branching.

1/16 oz per packet - sows 12 ft row

55 days to maturity