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Lettuce (Butterhead - Roxy Red Pelleted Seeds)
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Lettuce (Butterhead - Roxy Red Pelleted Seeds)

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Roxy Red Organic butterhead lettuce seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Pelleted seeds for easy spacing. Roxy has incredible colour and flavour. It is very slow to bolt, and forms nicely defined, round heads that are open and loose with delicate, slightly blistered leaves. Roxy has a high resistance to tip burn and downy mildew, and is certainly one of our favourites from the lettuce trials. The pelleted seeds are sold by seed count. Be sure to water deeply and regularly until established - more so with pelleted seeds than regular seeds. Once planted, the clay seed coating must not dry out, or it runs the risk of drawing moisture from the seed.

100 seeds per packet 

45 - 50 days to maturity