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Lettuce (Butterhead - Cracoviensis)
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Lettuce (Butterhead - Cracoviensis)

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Cracoviensis lettuce seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Beautiful, expansive, wavy lime-green leaves stamped with deep red purple to lavender. This old heirloom from Eastern Europe retains its buttery, non-bitter flavour even after bolting, and becomes sweeter as temperatures fall. Referred to by Vilmorin (1885) as “red celtuce,” implying that its large tender pink bolting stem may have been the intent of this variety. Either way, the young leaves are tasty and tender, and very attractive. Cracoviensis takes its name from the Polish city of Krakow. Sow some Cracoviensis Organic lettuce seeds in your organic vegetable garden.

0.25 gr seeds per packet - Approx 180 seeds

45 - 65 days to maturity