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Heartsease (pre-order)
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Heartsease (pre-order)

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(Johnny jump up) Old English favourite with charming small purple, lavender and yellow flowers. Flowers are edible and add a lovely touch to salads and desserts. Soak in cold water before garnishing. Folk medicine used to rely on the areal parts of heartsease for treatment of wounds, eczema and skin eruptions. Its anti-inflammatory actions calm irritated skin. Because of its expectorant and mucilaginous properties, it has also been used traditionally to combat respiratory symptoms that occur with bronchitis and whooping cough. Its diuretic properties help clear urinary tract infections. It has been recently studied for its ability to calm an overactive immune system by controlling white blood cell proliferation. Herb can be infused into a tea or extracted in a tincture. Sow indoors or out. Cold hardy. Ht 6in (15cm).

Plant sold in a 3" cowpot

Cowpots: the pot you plant. Eliminating plastic waste, one pot at a time.