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Eggplant (Little FInger)
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Eggplant (Little FInger)

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Little Finger: Harvest petite eggplants when young and
tender. Best quality is at 6–8”, when long and slender
with glossy black skin. Use quickly for best flavor.

Planting Tips: Tender Annual. Direct sowing is not
recommended. Days to maturity is from outdoor planting
date of transplants. Transplants are started 8–12
weeks before planting date. Optimal soil temperature
for germination is 85ºF. Seeds can be sown thick in one
cell and then planted into individual cells after true
leaves appear. Plant outdoors when all danger of frost
has passed. Harvest eggplant while skin is glossy.

1/64 oz per packet

60 days to maturity from transplant.