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Corn (Allure)
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Corn (Allure)

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Thoughtful corn breeding has resulted in this highly alluring new variety, the first organic synergistic hybrid available to home growers. Allure Organic corn seeds germinate well in cooler soils, producing highly vigorous seedlings. The plants reach 2.1m (7') by mid-season, setting ears at 70cm (27") from the ground. The bi-colour ears are slender, but very well filled, all the way to the tip at 20cm (8") long. The kernels are very sweet with rich flavour and appealing texture that pops when bitten. Best of all, the ears have very good holding ability and a decent post-harvest shelf life. High resistance to common rust, intermediate resistance to Stewart's bacterial wilt.

50 seeds per packet

75 days to maturity