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Tomato seedling (Slicer - black Krim) (pre-order)
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Tomato seedling (Slicer - black Krim) (pre-order)

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 HEIRLOOM - Originally from the town of Krymysk near the Black Sea, Black Krim Organic tomato seeds grow plants that are exceptionally hardy. Naturally disease resistant, the plants adapt well to adverse conditions in a wide range of climates. A favourite of gourmet chefs, this unique heirloom tomato consistently wins top place and receives rave reviews at taste trials. The fruits mature late and are prolific producers of large fruit which are extremely juicy with incredibly complex sweet, smoky flavours and a hint of saltiness. Typically they range from dark purple to mahogany skin with green shoulders and green tinted flesh. Indeterminate. Organically grown.

75 days to maturity after transplant

Seedling sold in a Cowpot

Cowpots; the pot you plant. Eliminating plastic waste, one pot at a time.