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Square 3 inch CowPot Special Order = PICK-UP ONLY

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Are you looking for an alternative to plastic pots? CowPots are biodegradable, natural and plastic free. The seed starting pots made from composted cow manure. The pot you plant!

CowPots are made from composted cow manure, and can be planted directly into the ground eliminating transplant shock. These earth-frienPAIdly pots you plant are an easy-to-use alternative to plastic and peat pots. The naturally porous property of manure enables tender, young roots to easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots. This allows for air pruning and the formation of root buds and secondary root development throughout the pot. The result is a strong, dense and healthy root system that is critical to growing healthy plants. 

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Planted pots biodegrade in one season
  • Roots easily penetrate the CowPots
  • Heathlier roots = stronger plants
  • Enriches gardeon soil, naturally
  • Releases nitrogen when deteriorating