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Leek (Lancia)
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Leek (Lancia)

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Lancia Organic leek seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Lancia is a very early, downright delicious leek for summer and early fall harvest. Sometimes listed as Swiss Giant, Lancia has long white shanks and strong flag foliage that stands quite erect in the field. This leek can also be harvested immature for gourmet baby leeks. Strong uniform growth and excellent leek flavour make this leek a great choice for home gardeners. Start all leeks indoors or in an outdoor seed bed. Once they are about 20cm (8") tall, gently transplant them into fertile, humus rich soil.

These seeds are coated with an inert, organic form of graphite. This helps to minimize clumping in storage and seed sowing machines.

50 seeds per packet

90 days to maturity