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Cabbage Seedlings (Early Jersey Wakefield) (pre-order)
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Cabbage Seedlings (Early Jersey Wakefield) (pre-order)

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ORGANIC - This conical shaped cabbage was developed from the older "Early Wakefield" originating in England. It was first grown in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1840 by Francis Brill. Solid, tightly folded heads can reach up to 15" long, 7" wide, and weigh 3-4 pounds. This is a great variety for slow braising, as well as slaw. It also provides a great eye catcher at market, especially when shown with Early Red Express. This variety is a good choice for smaller space growing, and getting the most out of your cabbage space.

65 days to maturity from transplant

Seedlings sold in a Cowpot 6 pack

Cowpots; the pot you plant. Eliminating plastic waste, one pot at a time.