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  • Q:How much food do I receive as one share?
  • A:Generally speaking, there are 5 – 8 items per week in your box. As we progress through the 10 weeks this can change – boxes may be lighter in the early spring compared to later in the season, and weather can always play a factor. No matter how many items, we always ensure you get the full value of your box.
  • Q:Is there tax on top of the price for my share?
  • A:No. There is no tax on fresh food products and the prices listed are based a 10 week season.
  • Q:Is Good Food Garden an organic farm?
  • A:No, not technically. Good Food Garden is farmed the way nature intended us to grow food, thus the "100% Naturally Grown Produce". We farm with nature, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers. We consider all of our produce to be organic, however we have not gone through the certification process.
  • Q:Should I wait until spring to sign up?
  • A:We would encourage you to sign up early as there is a limited number of baskets available and many have already been sold.
  • Q:Can I visit the farm?
  • A:We are happy to receive CSA members for a farm tour. Just contact us directly to arrange a day and time. Keeping in mind Covid-19 protocols may be in place.
  • Q:Do I need to wash my vegetables?
  • A:That is completely up to you. We do wash the salad greens and rinse the dirt from carrots, beets, turnips, etc. We don’t use any chemicals on our produce, however the choice to wash or not to wash is up to you.
  • Q:How do I place an order?
  • A:Log in and add items to your cart, once you are ready to place your order request, just visit your cart here and submit. I will get back to you within 48 hours to confirm.
  • Q:How do I sign up for an account?
  • A:Just click the sign up/log in button in the navigation, and follow the instructions.
  • Q:I forgot my account login information, is there any way to reset it?
  • A:Yes! Just visit the log in page, and choose recover account button.