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Root Pouch
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Root Pouch

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Limited space to garden? Grow in a Root Pouch!! Root Pouches are perfect for the urban/ home grower.  When the season is over, simpley wash and let dry, fold it flat and store for the next season, making this a great eco-friendly garden container.  

The Root Pouch fabric container is made from discarded plastic bottles that are turned into a versatile, geo-textile material. The Root Pouch fabric planting container keeps plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing roots to breathe and grow. BPA-FREE & UV RESISTANT

#3 (3 GAL / 12 L) is perfect for growing lettuce, herbs, radishes, green onions or strawberries

# 7 (7 GAL/ 30 L) is perfect for growing carrots, beets, turnips, cucumbers, beans or peppers.

# 7 (7 GAL/30 L) BROWN without handles is another great option for balcony gardens.

#15 (15GAL / 56 L) is perfect for tomatoes, zucchini, squash or brussels sprouts